Hawthorn, Washington

Seven Seeds Farm

$ 5.00

Hawthorn, Washington

Crataegus phaenopyrum PERENNIAL

Tree like Shrub in the Rosaceae family which can grow to 10-30’ with 1-2” long sharp thorns on branches. Dark green obovate deeply-lobed leaves that bloom with clusters of white flowers in May. Small and shiny orange are sweeter and smaller than the common hawthorne berry-like fruits called haws, rich in anti-oxidants, are collected in winter and can be used for jams, jellies, wine or tea. Use the leaf, flower and haw medicinally as a heart tonic in extract or tea. Excellent hedgerow plant and wildlife food. Can take up to a year to germinate so please be patient! (0.3g) SSF.

Packet (1.3g~15 seeds)

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