Melon, Eel River

Eel River Produce

$ 4.50


Melon, Eel River (90-100 days)

Cucumis melo

This long season melon is worth the wait for its 3-8 pound fruits with thin skin and dense, luscious orange flesh that is remarkably creamy.  Also referred to as Crane melon, it has been improved and reselected by seedsman Bill Reynolds in southern Humboldt county for many years.  This is a favorite of the OSU Dry Farming Project crew and yielded an average of 36 lbs per plant, with a planting density of 30 sqft per plant in the 2019 dry farmed melon variety trial.

Packet (.5 g ≈ 25 seeds)

 Half-ounce (≈ 600 seeds)

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