Melon, Galina

Seven Seeds Farm

$ 4.50

Melon, Galina, (80 days)  

Cucumis melo

In Ancient Greek myths Galina was one of the Nereids, (or sea Nymphs, who accompanied Poisiedon) and was known as the goddess of calm seas. Eating and savoring this melon may just as well make you feel like you have been enchanted by the Nereids. Galina is an intentional cross between two excellent melons, the Israeli open pollinated Haogen, (listed above) and the wonderful Galia (an F1 hybrid). Still in the stabilization process (this is the F4), variability is possible, however, the off-types are still tasty. The exterior is bright gold with green stripes and some netting with green flesh. It is highly aromatic and very sweet and quite tropical- tasting with hints of pineapple and butterscotch. The goal with this breeding project is to have a melon with the eating quality of Haogen, and the durability of the netted skin of Galia. OSSI Pedged.

Packet (1/2 g ≈ 25 seeds)

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