Milkweed, Ice Ballet

Siskiyou Seeds

$ 5.00

Milkweed, Ice Ballet

Ascelpias Incarnata

Perennial. A nursery selection of a swamp milkweed with evergreen colored foliage and bright white vanilla scented flowers.  This is a non invasive perennial and an excellent attraction for beneficial insects and butterflies! Thrives in slightly drier soils then other varieties of swamp milkweeds and is hardy at zones 3-9.

Packet (0.25g) 

* Growing Tip: Being an undomesticated plant, milkweed benefits from a period of cold stratification to help the seeds "wake up".  To do this, one method is to plant in the fall, as wold happen in nature. can place the seeds on a moist paper towel and put them in a plastic bag in the refrigerator for about 30 days.  Check it periodically to see if mold is forming, in which case change the paper towel.  This will greatly improve germination.

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