Quinoa, Faro (Pedro's Select)

Seven Seeds Farm

$ 4.50

Quinoa, Faro  - Pedro's Select, Chenopodium quinoa (100-120 days)  

A very easy to grow grain crop related to lambsquarters, beets and spinach. Grows to 4-6 feet tall with an attractive plume-shaped seed head that is clipped and dried at summer’s end. Grown for a decade to adapt to low elevation growing, as most quinoa is from the high Andes and won't consistently preforms well at lower elevations.  Sow early to ensure good pollination, as hot temperatures retard seed set. 

Easy to thresh and winnow. Seed must be processed by rinsing with water to remove saponins that coat the seed, otherwise it will taste very bitter. Cook like rice or millet. Staple grain of the Andean peoples. Very productive, 100-foot row will yield 10-20 pounds. SSF

 2 1/2 g(~230 seeds) = $3.95

1 oz (~2500 seeds) = $20.00


 Quarter Pound (≈10,000 seeds) - $30

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