Seed Cleaning Screens

Siskiyou Seeds

$ 120.00

Seed Cleaning Screens - Set of 4

We are excited to offer this simple yet sturdy set of 4 hand cleaning screens to support your seed saving efforts.  We make these right here at the farm with recycled Douglas Fir and Pine lumber and hardware cloth.  While many specialized seed screens exist, we have found that with these simple 4 screens you can do 98% of the job of getting seeds cleaned from chaff and dust.  Each screen is 12"x12" by 1 & 1/2" deep.  The four sizes are 1/2" mesh, 1/4" mesh, 1/8" mesh and 5/64" perforated metal. Rustic wood frames are glued and screwed and then rounded and sanded for easy handling. Oiled with Linseed oil for longevity.

With these screens you can clean everything from large seeds such as peas, corn and beans to medium sized seeds like chard and cilantro to small seeds such as lettuce, brassicas, flowers and herbs.  They work well for processing herbs as well.

Includes a copy of the Basic Seed Saving book

Set of 4 screens: $120

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