Poppy, Double Mixed Shirley


$ 3.95

Poppy, Double Mixed Shirley, Papaver rhoeas (120 days)

The brilliant colors of poppies are a welcome relief in the cool days of Spring when most flowers are still many weeks away from blooming.  Petals are soft, crinkled, and delicate but profuse on this double- petaled Shirley Poppy of rose, salmon, pink and scarlet coloration.  3-4” flowers can be cut and singed to last longer in the vase.  Also, the Shirley Poppy has a small elongated pod that accents well any fresh or dried arrangement.   An annual that grows up to 48” and is best spaced 9” apart.  FLA.


PP7 Packet- (.2 g or ~120 seeds)= $3.95 

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