Tomato, Jojo Cherry

Seven Seeds Farm

$ 4.50


Solanum esculentum (70 days) 

This variety is worth a story! We received the Johnny's selected seeds catalog and my younger son, Jasper (6 at the time), saw the back cover photo advertising a new hybrid red cherry tomato called "Jasper (F1)". He exclaimed, "Dad, look they have a tomato named after me." So, of course, we had to grow it and it's named after my son's nickname "JoJo". Being a hybrid, it is in the process of being stabilized (F3) into an open pollinated variety, a process which may take a few generations of growing it out. So far what we have seen is a very vigorously growing indeterminate type that definitely needs trellising and produces abundant clusters of small (1/2"), bright red cherry tomatoes that are exceptionally sweet, at least as sweet as the famed Sungold

Packet (1/2 g ~ 30 seeds)


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