Hawthorne Institute Farm

$ 5.00


Stachys officinale -PERENNIAL.

Spires of pink flowers rise from a mound of slightly crinkled glossy leaves on this plant. Long-lived purple flowers are a favorite of bees & butterflies. Grows 1-2’ tall. Flowers July to September. Likes dry grasslands and meadows. Drought tolerant. Full sun with moderately fertile soil. Seeds do best started in flats indoors in early spring. Germination is spotty; a 50% germination rate is common. Zones 5 to 9. Used as a blood tonic, as a cardiac for anemia and heart troubles and to treat stomach aches and ulcers. Considered to be a tonic, wood betony helps with acute anxiety, migraines and tension headaches. HIF.

Packet: 2/5g

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