Zinnia, Jazzy Mix

Seven Seeds Farm

$ 3.50

Zinnia, Jazzy Mix, Zinnia haageana (85 days)  ORGANIC

A spectacular mix of warm-toned, small, semi-double and double 2 inch variegated flowers.  Flowers come in a range of yellow, yellow/red-tipped, red/yellow-tipped, red/white-tipped, red/pink-tipped, pink/white-tipped coloration and are like small firecrackers within a bouquet.  Cut flowers hold up to three weeks in the vase!  Jazzy mix is slower to come on than larger flowered Zinnia elegans, but flowers hold longer on the plant.  An excellent low growing (30 inches) zinnia for the front annual border and a prolific producer for cut flower growers.  FLA SSF  

JMZ1:  Packets - 1 1/2 g (~150 seeds) -$3.50

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