Comfrey, Russian - Root Crown Cuttings

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Russian Comfrey -  Blocking 14 strain (seed is sterile) Symphytum x uplandicum

Comfrey is a miraculously hardy perennial herb that is renowned for it use herbally to aid in the healing of wounds, sprains and broken bones. You will receive a crown cutting that has both leaf buds and roots that will grow quickly and spread. Comfrey works great under fruit trees to out compete grasses and other weeds. Leaves grow to 24"+ and can be harvested for medicine, mulch or composted. Numerous species of livestock are quite fond of eating it as it is very rich in minerals.

While regular Comfrey spreads by seed the strain we carry - Russian Blocking 14 - grows through root cuttings which makes it special and more manageable.

Co-founder of Permaculture, Bill Mollison identified comfrey as his favorite plant!

Can spread a few feet so plant in a location where that is acceptable. Once established its deep root system is known to "mine" up minerals and nutrients making them available in the more shallow areas of the soil.

Plant soon after receiving your cutting. Shipping now!

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And here on YouTube too:

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