Corn, Festivity, Sweet

Lupine Knoll Farm

$ 4.50


Corn, Festivity, Sweet (su with some sh2) (85 days)

Zea mays

A new selection bred by Jonathan Spero of Lupin Knoll Farm that is the result of crossing Festivity with Tuxana sweet corn.  Open pollinated, cold tolerant, rainbow-colored, multi-stalked with frequently 3-4 ears per plant.  Created with cool soil, higher latitude locations and low-fertility in mind.  Most cobs have a blend of white, yellow, red and purple kernels.  Variable.  5-6 feet tall. OSSI

* Harvest when the kernels produce a milky white fluid, if it’s clear it’s too early, and if there is no fluid, it’s too late and they’ll be starchy (however good for roasting still).

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