Corn, Oregon Blue, Flour

Seven Seeds Farm

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Corn, Oregon Blue, Flour (75-110 days)  ORGANIC 

An ancient flint corn that is a traditional staple of the Hopi people in Northern Arizona. We no longer call the variety “Hopi” because, after talking with a number of Hopi people who related that in their view it’s only Hopi if grown on Hopi land.  Seeing as this has been growing here in Oregon for the past 30+ years, we’re calling it Oregon Blue corn.  Can be eaten as sweet corn when picked young and roasted, but is best known for making an excellent, sweet blue corn flour that has 30% higher protein levels than dent corns. Plants are 5 ft. tall and bushy with many tillering side shoots.  Ears are a beautiful smooth silvery blue that are 8-10” long with usually 2, but up to 7 per stalk. There is still some variability in this strain with respect to kernel color and degree of kernel denting.  Expect ears to mature into shades of light gray/slate blue, to dark blue and purple.  Robust, drought-tolerant cultivar selected over many generations.  Makes excellent corn meal (as pictured)



CO15:  Packet (One Ounce) - $3.95

            Half Pound - $18.00

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