Corn, Oregon Purple, Flour

Seven Seeds Farm

$ 4.50

Corn, Oregon Purple, Flour (85-95 days)

Zea mays

Rare traditional variety from the the Hopi nation from the Four Corners region. We no longer call the variety “Hopi” because, after talking with a number of Hopi people who related that in their view it’s only Hopi if grown on Hopi land.  Seeing as this has been growing here in Oregon for the past 30+ years, we’re calling it Oregon Purple corn. This lovely drought-tolerant open pollinated corn has 5-6 bushy stalks that produce 8" ears with pretty pink/purple kernels. Higher in protein than other flour corns - up to 14%.  Kernels grind into a soft, fine flour useful in baking and for tamales and tortillas. SSF

 Packet (One Ounce) 


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