Corn, Magenta Parching

Family Famers Seed Cooperative

$ 3.50


Corn, Magenta Parching  (100+ days)  Parched corn offers yet another scrumptious way to eat non-sweet grain corn.  Corn-breeders Carol Deppe and Alan Kapuler (Peace Seeds), developed this OP variety. It is cooked in a dry pan without oil. In about five minutes at medium-low heat, the toasting kernels start to swell and split, releasing a wonderful aroma. The best parching corns are slow to burn, though, it is important to keep them moving by stirring or shaking the pan. You also need to hold a lid or screen over the pan to keep the kernels from popping out.  FFSC  

 CO18: Packet (One Ounce) - $3.50

1/2 pound - $25


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