Corn, Maiz Concho

Hobbs & Meyer Farm

$ 4.50


Maiz Concho Flint (110-120 days)

Zea mays

We are grateful to share this beautiful heirloom from a nice crop grown by Dan Hobbs at Pueblo Seed in Colorado. Corn is strongly adapted to latitude, so when we grew this SW corn in Oregon it grew very tall (10-12’) and produced ears late. So, unless you are closer to 35 degrees Latitude, then allow for a very long season for this strain to mature. Maize de Concho is included in the Slow Food Ark of Taste collection because it has been used for preparing Chicos, a method of cooking involving harvest- ing at the green (milk) stage and prepared via an ancient technique through roasting in an earthen oven called an “Horno”. Chicos are still made by residents of the Upper Rio Grande and San Luis Valley where there is a revival of this endangered regional food in Acequia communities. This is an ancient flint type of corn that can periodically revert back to ancestral phenotypes indicative of its wild parentage from Teosinte. Ears are 9-14” long with pale, shell-white kernels. Can also be used for pozole, hominy, grits and polenta.

Packet: One Ounce (≈ 110 seeds) 

Quarter pound

Half Pound

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