Corn, Martian Jewels

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Corn, Martian Jewels (su) (80-90 days to fresh eating)

Zea mays

This is a highly unusual corn that is delicious and versatile. An original series of crosses made by Alan Kapuler (aka Mushroom) of Peace Seeds, Martian Jewels combines a Hopi flour corn with an eclectic blend of normal sugary (su) and sugary enhanced (se) varieties. Such a broad genetic base gives this corn an especially distinctive look with a wide range of uses. It can first be harvested as a sweet corn, although the window for optimum picking is small. The corn has a complex, rich flavor with a pleasant, mild sweetness. As the kernels enter the dough stage and become starchier, they can be used in chowder or corn pudding. Finally at full maturity the dry corn is made into bread, tortillas, or tamales. The 6' tall plants have dark green, purple-streaked leaves, deep purple stalks, husks and cobs, contrasted with pearly white kernels. 6' tall plants.

Would probably make a good dye plant as seen in how it stained the hands in one of the picture here.

Thanks to Steve and Moria Peters of Seed Revolution Now for these seeds and pictures!

Packet: One Ounce (≈ 110 seeds)

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