Corn, Soltera Morada, Sweet

Seven Seeds Farm

$ 3.95

Corn, Soltera Morada, Sweet (80-90 days) - Zea Mays  ORGANIC

From entomologist Munk Begin, who has been working for many years to improve a deep purple red, high anthocyanin sweet corn. Soltero Morado translates to "single purple". This is the result from crossing various red cob and white cob flour and sweet corn lines to develop a red sweet corn he calls "Blood Brothers". Then in 2002, he crossed Blood Brothers (male) with Martian Red, a sweet corn with purple cobs. Nearly every part of the plant contains streaks of deep purple red- the leaves, silks, tassels, stalks, cobs, husks, and pollen. Bergin it has at least 4 times and perhaps as much as 20 times the anthocyanins as blueberries. The ears are 6-8" long with deep dark blood red kernels. SSF

CO29 - 1/2 oz = $3.95

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