Corn, Tuxana

Lupine Knoll Farm

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Corn, Tuxana 

Zea Mays (90 days to sweet corn harvest)

A public domain, Open-pollinated sweet corn variety. This is a new sweet corn from traditional plant breeder Jonathan Spero in Oregon. He’s been working to bring a little more sweetness into open-pollinated sweet corn, and Tuxana f5 is an early release of his work in progress. This is his fifth generation (f5) and already tasty. Big deep white kernels are sweeter than most pop corns, with excellent eating quality. Productive, with 2 ears on each plant. Ears are 7 - 8” long and mostly 16 - 18 rows around. You may occasionally find a few other-than-white kernels. OSSI

* Harvest when the kernels produce a milky white fluid, if it’s clear it’s too early, and if there is no fluid, it’s too late and they’ll be starchy (however good for roasting still).

Packet: 1 ounce

Bulk: Quarter Pound

Half Pound

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