Kale, Alive Vates Grex

Seven Seeds Farm

$ 3.50


Kale, Alive Vates Grex  Brassica oleracea (55 days)  A Seven Seeds Farm original variety that is the result of allowing 6 different strains of Scotch curled, Vates types of kale interbreed.  We began with a large population of a few thousand plants and then selected the hardiest survivors that made it through a week-long cold snap down to 5° F with no snow or mulch.  What made it not only survived, but thrived, growing succulent, sweet green leaves starting with the warming days of February and jamming right along until finally flowering in late May, at which point we harvest tasty flower shoots for use in stir fry or raw in salad.  Frilly blue green leaves are held high off the ground to keep winter splashback of mud off them.  This is an interbreeding population so expect some variability…perfect for homestead gardeners who look to their kale patch to feed them year round!  SSF


KL5: Packet (.5 g ≈ 125 seeds) - $3.50

1 oz- $20.00

1/4 lb - $65.00

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