Kale, Dazzling Blue Lacinato

Wild Garden Seeds

$ 4.50


KALE, Dazzling Blue Lacinato (75 days)

Brassica oleeracea  

NEW FOR 2016 from our friends at Wild Garden Seeds! "This stunning new blue kale comes from our own Hank Keogh’s inspiration to backcross a ‘Rainbow Lacinato’ variant with its ‘WGS Lacinato’ ancestor. The result, a dazzling blue-green savoyed strap leaf with underturned margins, upright growth, and a striking pink midrib. Eye-catching at the market, and the flavor is “very lacinato.” More winter hardy than any other lacinato-type, as demonstrated in the kale-killing freeze-out of 2013–14. Nice work!"

Packet (1/2 g)

1/2 oz-

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