Mole Plant, Gopher Purge

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$ 4.50

Mole Plant, Gopher Spurge 

Biennial - Euphorbia lathyris - Aka Petroleum Plant, Caper SpurgeORGANIC

Hardy down to -15 F. Native to the Mediterranean, SW Asia, W China, and widely grown in gardens. The plant is considered to be an invasive weed by some authorities, but most gardeners will grow it without fear. Being in the Euphoria family (with Castor, many succulents, and poinsettia), it is a fascinating plant! Please be careful with all parts of this plant, which contain an acrid latex that will burn skin and eyes, and cause intestinal irritation if ingested. Fabled to repel gophers from gardens. SSF

Packet: 1/2 g -10 seeds

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