Winter Squash, North Georgia Candy Roaster

Strong Roots Farm

$ 4.50


North Georgia Candy Roaster

Cucurbita maxima (95 days)

Local to present day North Carolina, the Candy Roaster Squash is known for its sweet, unique flavor, which is the reasoning behind its name. The Cherokee tribes in the southern Appalachians originally cherished this squash for its long shelf life. Despite its odd appearance, many more people have come to treasure it for its unique taste. When fully ripe and stored for several months, it will reach its full flavor potential. A favorite in pies, soups, butters and breads, recipes that utilize this squash do not call for any additional sugar or sweetener, such that many have compared it to a sweet potato  

This delicious, unique hubbard-type winter squash was a stand-out open-pollinated variety in terms of dry farmed yield and storability in a dry farmed winter squash variety trial conducted by Alex Stone and Jennifer Wetzel of the Oregon State University Horticulture Department, and is also a top-yielder in Dry Farming Collaborative variety trials. SRF

Packet: 5 g (~30 seeds)

1 oz

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