Winter Squash, Stella Blue

Strong Roots Farm

$ 4.50

Stella Blue  

Cucurbita maxima (100 days)

Developed by Bill Reynolds, this variety is an improved baby blue hubbard type, suitable for family dinners. Slate gray skin conceals thick, deep orange flesh that is smooth, sweet and delicious. Try cutting one in half and filling with rice, onion, garlic, tomatoes and the like and baking it!

selected under dry farmed conditions in Northern CA. Stella Blue was included in variety trials with the Dry Farming Collaborative 2016 – 2018, and yielded an average of 23 lbs per plant, with an average planting density of 34 sqft per plant, on 7 sites in Western Oregon. SRN  

Packet (6 g ≈ 30 seeds)

One Ounce (about 130 seeds)

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