In October 2019, during the Siskiyou Seeds Fall Seed Academy, we planted half-pound of 21 different garlic varieties. This was part of an observational trial to learn more about the different garlic types that we enjoy eating and growing!  Out of the 21 varieties planted, there were 9 garlic types represented. Here is what we learned!

Planting out garlic at the 2019 Garlic Trial!

Garlic Trial 2020 Results

Garlic Trial 2020, Data Chart

In this data chart we recorded the variety, type, planting date, scape harvest date, height, harvest date and yield ratio. These dates aren't hard and fast rather they adjust every year depending on growing conditions like rain, heat and sun. 

The yields varied from a high of 11 pounds per pound planted for the Turban type, Chinese Pink to a lower of 5 pounds per pound planted for the beautiful with fewer (but larger!) cloves, German White a Porcelain type. 

October is garlic planting month for us here in Southern Oregon and in most of the country except for the frigid north where it's advisable to plant in Spring.

Have a look at our current garlic stock on our Garlic Collection page. If you are not sure which variety is your favorite or you'd like more than one flavor profile, you can also explore our Garlic Sampler or our Hardneck Garlic Sampler. 

To get the most out of your garlic growing, check out our garlic planting tips here:

 Siskiyou Purple Garlic freshly harvested