Garlic Sampler, Hardneck Varieties

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Interested in growing garlic but can't settle on which variety?  We'd love to introduce you into the wide world of garlic diversity with our garlic samplers.  We offer a few different options: 1/2 pound each of 4 varieties of garlic for which we have limited quantities. These varieties are only available through the Hardneck Garlic Sampler. 

Each type represents a different facet of the garlic genome:

• Siberian - An excellent Purple Stripe type (akin to the popular Chesnok Red) which has pink/pruple striping over the bulb wrappers and rich magenta clove wrappers, exceptionally strong garlic flavor. Fares well in cold climates. Allegedly has the highest Allicin levels of any garlic. MCF.

• Basque - This is a very pretty Turban type with flattened bulbs with purple striping from Northern Spain.  Early maturing and does produce some scapes but not in all climates.  Grows well in warmer climates. Very easy to peel. Mild flavor. FCF.

• Khabar - Originally collected in the Siberian city of Khabarovsk by Bob Ellis, a garlic grower from Sitka, Alaska. A reliable, strong flavored Marbled type that grows vigorous stocky plants with delicious garlic scapes in May. 6-8 large cloves. Stores well.

• Vekak - A large, purple colored Glazed type, "From the small town of Poběžovice, Czech Republic, near the border with Bavaria and the Bohemian Forest. Dr. Boris Andrst, a retired ophthalmologist from NY acquired this and a number of other varieties from a farmer in Bohemia. Many of these varieties made it into commercial circulation in the U.S., though often with slightly misspelled names (Vekak is actually “Vekan”). Poběžovice, now a bucolic agrarian town, once had a thriving Jewish community and a famous local mikveh (ritual bath) was a place of pilgrimage. The Jews perished in the Holocaust and their synagogue was destroyed." from Garlicana. SSF.

They are all fairly distinct in their appearance, flavor and growth habit, so you will learn quite a bit about what growing garlic is all about.

We also have the  Garlic Sampler available for extra variety, click the link to check it out!

1/4 pound of each (1 pound total):

1/2 pound of each (2 pounds total):

* All varieties are Certified Organically Grown.


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