Garlic Sampler, Hardneck Varieties

Seven Seeds Farm

$ 22.00

Garlic will begin shipping beginning 8/20/20


Interested in growing garlic but can't settle on which variety?  We'd love to introduce you into the wide world of garlic diversity with our garlic samplers.  We offer a few different options: 1/4 pound each, 1/2 pound each or 1 pound of each of our 4 varieties of garlic.

Garlic will begin shipping beginning 8/20/20

Each type represents a different facet of the garlic genome:

• Basque is a Turban / hardneck type - mild flavor, very early maturity and grows well in warmer winter areas. This limited variety is only available through our Hardneck or Big Diversity Samplers.

Kishlyk - A vigorous wild garlic from Uzbekistan with purple stripped bulbs and crescent shaped purple cloves and a moderately spicy flavor.

Music is a Porcelain / hardneck type - super large cloves with only 4-7 cloves/bulb - amazing for roasting

Persian Star is a Purple Stripe / hardneck type - very spicy with deep crimson clove wrappers.

They are all fairly distinct in their appearance, flavor and growth habit, so you will learn quite a bit about what growing garlic is all about.

1/4 pound of each (1 pound total): $22

1/2 pound of each (2 pounds total): $42


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Remember to check out our Garlic Growing tips in order to make the most of your growing opportunity:

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