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Interested in growing garlic but can't settle on which variety?  We'd love to introduce you into the wide world of garlic diversity with our garlic samplers.  We offer a few different options: 1/2 pound or 1/4 pound each of 4 varieties of garlic for which we have limited quantities. Please note the garlic varieties included may change depending on availability. 

Each type represents a different facet of the garlic genome:

Bangkok - Bangkok is a Turban type hardneck garlic. Wide and squat bulbs of turban types are a unique shape. Plump cloves are sheathed in pink inside violet wrapped bulbs and cloves are plump with pink wrappers. Turban types mature nearly one month earlier than Silverskin types. Spicy heat with an earthy flavor. This variety was adapted from a selection made at a market in Bangkok, Thailand in the early 2000's. (only available in the Garlic Sampler)

Inchelium Red - Inchelium is an artichoke softneck variety. This mild-flavored garlic is great baked. Pretty and productive a softneck originally cultivated by the Colville Confederated Tribes in Washington. As with most soft necks Inchelium stores very well for 6–9 months. Pretty purple coloring over white bulb wrappers conceal 12-15 large plump cloves. Grows to 3 1/ 2"! Inchelium grows very well in our bioregion and was adapted as Applegate Red - a major part of the Siskiyou Purple lineage.

Jaxartes - This is also from fields surrounding the village of Punuk from northernmost Tajikistan near the Syr Darya river. The earliest known name for the longest river in Central Asia was Jaxartes, from the ancient Greeks. This once great river originates in the Tien Shan mountains and drains into what remains of the Aral Sea. One can imagine traders traveling the length (over 1,300 miles) of the river with, amongst other items, garlic, bringing it to lands far beyond its wild roots. Since the Soviet Era, the Syr Darya river has been diverted for agriculture, predominantly cotton, which resulted in turning what was once the 4th largest inland ocean into a dried up dust bowl. Jaxartes garlic is immense. The plants tower over others, maturing late in the season. The bulbs containing 6-8 cloves, are very large indeed and the flavor is hot when raw but makes for a nice nutty baking bulb.  (Only available in the Garlic Samplers)

Red Janice - This is a very pretty Hardneck Turban type with flattened bulbs with purple striping originally from Nmarazeni in Republic of Georgia. Starts hot and heat continues to build. Matures a little later than Basque but stores longer and holds more heat! (Only available in the Garlic Samplers)

They are all fairly distinct in their appearance, flavor and growth habit, so you will learn quite a bit about what growing garlic is all about.

We also have the Hardneck Garlic Sampler available for extra variety, click the link to check it out!

1/4 Pound of Each (1 pound total)

1/2 pound of each (2 pounds total)

* All varieties are Organically Grown.


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Remember to check out our Garlic Growing tips in order to make the most of your growing opportunity:


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