Garlic, Basque

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Turban, Hardneck

This is a very pretty hardneck Turban type with flattened bulbs with purple striping from Basque Country in the in the autonomous province of Navarre (Nafarroa), Northern Spain. It has a quick heat when eaten raw, fading into an earthy finish. In the Basque language garlic is “baratxuri”. We originally obtained this variety via our local garlic wizard, Avram Drucker of Garlicana.

Here in Southern Oregon, where they are some of the first to emerge and earliest to mature, the scapes seldom have time to coil before the plants are ready to harvest meaning that the lack of fiber in the leaves, makes them are ideal for garlic greens pesto and well suited for early greens production. 

In addition to the northern latitudes, Basque, grows well in warmer climates and more southern latitudes. Turban garlics are highly adaptable to different climates having been found from tropical Southeast Asia to arid Central Asia, to the Pyrenees and surrounding lowlands. 

Very easy to peel. Stores for near 7 months. Organically Grown.


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