Garlic, Donostia Creole Red

Feral Farm

$ 18.00

Creole type

Donostia has a wonderful full bodied flavor and an exceptionally long storage capacity of 10-12 months! This is a very handsome, long storing Creole type was originally sourced from a market in Donostia, Euzkadi, aka San Sebastián, Spain.

Creole type garlics are known to be adaptable and tolerant to adverse conditions. Originally from the Pyrenees Mountains with a hardiness zone of 7 and above (Hardiness Zone 7 enjoys a temperate climate with average minimum winter temperatures ranging from 0°F to 5°F (-15.0°C to -17.7°C). In cold winter climates areas they tend to produce weak scapes and none at all in the south.  

White bulb wrappers and deep pinkish-red clove wrappers surround 8-12 cloves.  Very productive with bulbs up to 2 1/2" if provided ample fertility. Organically Grown. 

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