Garlic, Donostia Red

Feral Farm

$ 13.00


Donostia Red

Creole type

This is a very handsome, medium, long storing Creole type was originally sourced from a market in Donostia, Euzkadi, aka San Sebastián, Spain.  Creole type garlics come from the Pyrenees Mountains and do well in warmer climates and tend to struggle with significant cold.  As a result they are a great choice for growing in more southern latitudes.  In cold winter climate areas they tend to produce weak scapes and none at all in the south.  

They are not the largest of garlics but still have a wonderful full bodied flavor and store exceptionally well (up to 12 months!).

Donostia Red has white bulb wrappers and deep pinkish-red clove wrappers surrounding 8-12 cloves.  Very productive with bulbs up to 2 1/2" if provided ample fertility.  Organically grown at Feral Farm.

1/2 pound - $13

1 pound - $24

2 pounds - $45

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