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Interested in growing garlic but can't settle on which variety?  We'd love to introduce you into the wide world of garlic diversity with our garlic samplers.  We offer a few different options: 1/2 pound or 1/4 pound each of 4 varieties of garlic for which we have limited quantities. Please note the garlic varieties included may change depending on availability. 

Each type represents a different facet of the garlic genome:

Siskiyou Purple Garlic 
We have been growing, selecting and perfecting this beautiful softneck variety for the over 20 years. This strain originated as 2 similar varieties: Lorz Italian & Applegate Red. After years of sorting it emerged as something new and unique, deserving a new name!  This strain is from the Artichoke subgroup of garlic, which possess the general characteristics of a soft flexible neck, purple tint/blush to the outer wrappers and clove wrappers.  Whereas some artichoke types can have up to 30 cloves, our strain usually has 8-15 cloves per bulb.  This means less small inner cloves that are more difficult to deal with in the kitchen!  Of all of our varieties, this is the easiest to grow to large size.  It can attain a diameter of 3 1/2 inches!

Annares - We are grateful to Avram Drecker of Garlicana for this wonderful new variety that he developed from true garlic seed.  In his words, "Named for the fictional planet in Ursula LeGuin’s The Dispossessed, this garlic is vigorous enough to survive in difficult conditions with less than fertile soil. Of the first generation progeny of Kishlyk, this one has the darkest green, most upright, fibrous leaves.  Large bulbs with 8-12 cloves, more symmetrically configured than its parent, it has complex flavor and a good bite without being searingly spicy or bitter." Not available as an individual variety and only available in this sampler. SSF

Elephant - While it grows and looks like garlic, Elephant Garlic is not true garlic, rather, botanically it is a Leek ( Allium ampeloprasum ). It's flavor is much more mild and sweet.  Bulbs can grrow to 4"+ and with plants that are 5-6' tall! While it matures later than most garlic, it's huge bulbs and cloves make this very rewarrding to grow.  Cloves per bulb: approximately 5–7. Cloves per pound: 8–14. Not available as an individual variety and only available in this sampler. SSF

Basque -Turban type
This is a very pretty Turban type with flattened bulbs with purple striping from Northern Spain.  We originally obtained this variety via our local garlic wizard, Avram Drucker of Garlicana who had this to say, "Turban garlics are highly adaptable to different climates having been found from tropical Southeast Asia to arid Central Asia, to the Pyrenees and surrounding lowlands.  Here in Southern Oregon, where they are some of the first to emerge and earliest to mature, the scapes seldom have time to coil before the plants are ready to harvest." Hardneck variety.

We also have the Hardneck Garlic Sampler available for extra variety, click the link to check it out!

1/4 Pound of Each (1 pound total)

1/2 pound of each (2 pounds total)

* All varieties are Certified Organically Grown.


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