Garlic, German White

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Garlic, German White

Porcelain hardneck

German White is a wonderful type that we have grown for nearly 20 years here. This is our favorite garlic on the farm here on account of its large cloves that peel easily. Bulbs are satin white over pink clove wrappers.  Most bulbs will have only 4-6 cloves, saving time in the kitchen.  Flavor is rich and bold with just the right amount of spiciness. Stores fairly well for a hardneck, lasting until March or April in simple cool storage. Another bonus of this variety is that it produces scapes (see photo), which are false flower stalks that can be used as a sort of green garlic (think bunching onions) in April and May.  It is best to break these scapes off as it helps make for larger bulbs instead of the plant putting its energy into making these false flowers that produce small bubils.

Although this variety is a bit more difficult to grow than softneck varieties in so far as it is more sensitive to weed pressure and water inconsistency, it is such a joy to use in the kitchen that it's worth the extra effort.  It is capable of growing to 3.5" in diameter with 5-8 large cloves per bulb. Among the best for roasting! 

Flavor: Pleasant strong & sweet flavor with some heat that intensifies after some storage.

Storage ability: Will easily keep until March or April  in a cool dark garage or shed.

Cloves per bulb: 5-8

Cloves per pound: 35 - or about 4 heads/pound.

Planting: One pound plants 20 row feet at one clove every 6".


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