Garlic, German White

Seven Seeds Farm

$ 22.00

Garlic, German White is a wonderful hardneck type with large cloves that peel easily.  Although this variety is a bit more difficult to grow than softneck varieties insofaras it is more sensitive to weed pressure and water inconsistency, it is such a joy to use in the kitchen that it's worth the extra effort.  It is capable of growing to 3.5" in diameter with 5-8 large cloves per bulb.  Among the best for roasting!  SSF

Flavor: Pleasant strong & sweet flavor with some heat that intensifies after some storage.

Storage abillity: Will easily keep until March or April  in a cool dark garage or shed.

Cloves per bulb: 5-8

Cloves per pound: 45 - or about 4 heads/pound.

Planting: One pound plants 22 row feet at one clove every 6".


One pound: $22

5 pounds: $90

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