Garlic, Inchelium Red

Feral Farm

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Garlic, Inchelium Red - Softneck

Artichoke Type 

Inchelium is lovely and mild-flavored - great either raw or baked. Pretty and productive a softneck originally cultivated by the Colville Confederated Tribes in Washington. As with most soft necks Inchelium stores very well for 6–9 months. Pretty purple coloring over white bulb wrappers conceal 12-15 large plump cloves. One of the most reliably producers of large bulbs. 

This variety grows very well in our bioregion and was adapted as Applegate Red - a major part of the Siskiyou Purple lineage. Organically grown by Feral Farm.

Flavor:  Full bodied and more mild than the hardnecks.

Storage ability:  Inchelium will easily keep until April or May in a cool dark garage or shed.

Cloves per pound: 45 - or about 5 or 6 heads/pound.

Planting: One pound plants 25 row feet at one clove every 6". 


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Photos from: Wild Plum Farm (Montana) & Siskiyou Seeds 

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