Garlic, Persian Star

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Garlic, Persian Star

Allium sativum subsp. ophioscorodon

Purple Stripe type

This wonderful mid season purple stripe hardneck type is among the most beautiful garlics we have ever grown with its smooth white bulb wrappers and stunning purple streaks and hints or bronze and mahogany.  It was originally sourced by John Swenson at a bazaar in Samarkand, Uzbekistan.

It's flavor is more mild than Chesnok Red to which it is closely related.  Flavor is full without a heat to its spiciness and lends itself well to baking and roasting.

Being a purple stripe type it is a hardneck with a single circle of cloves around a central woody stem.  It produces scapes in late spring that we typically will snap off and are delicious roasted on the grill basted in olive oil.  Leaving the scapes on may extend shelf storage life at the expense of bulb size. 

Storage is reasonably good and lasts until February or so in our experience.


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