Corn, Spero’s Orange Sweet

Siskiyou Seeds

$ 4.50

Corn, Spero’s Orange Sweet (se) (90 days)

Zea mays

This is a work in progress breeding project that we are sharing an early release of if you are so curious that you don’t want to wait for the finished project which is still 2-3 years from now. Originally initiated by late great sweet corn breeder, Jonathan Spero as a cross between the white sweet corn, Tuxana (which he bred) and a variety of different orange flint corns with the goal of breeding an orange sweet corn. Jonathan Spero passed away in 2020 and left the various crosses with some notes that I am grateful to have inherited.  We grew the different crosses in 2021 and then have laboriously hand sorted the wrinkled (indicative of sweet corn) kernels from the rounded (flint type) kernels. If you are excited to join in the experiment of participatory plant breeding then we welcome you to give feedback as we move towards this homage of a pioneering organic plant breeder! SSF. 

One Ounce (≈ 110 seeds)

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