Corn, Starburst Select Sweet

Siskiyou Seeds

$ 4.50

Corn, Starburst Select Sweet (F4) (85 days)

Zea Mays

Starburst Sweet Corn has a red splash of color in a star pattern over white kernels. Eating quality is on par with the open pollinated white sweet corn, Tuxana with large ears that are  9-12” long. The orange red pigmentation is still somewhat variable and we will be working to continue to grow and stabilize the unique variety in the coming seasons.

This variety began as a chance cross when we were growing out our Sunfire Flour Corn and upon shucking it we noticed a few dozen dried wrinkled kernels indicative of sweet corn seed. Typically flour corn seed remains plump when dry. So we carefully pried those kernels out and saved them for a future opportunity to grow them out.

4 years later this project is came to fruition and it’s just about ready to be released and minted as a bona fide variety. 

Packet 1/2oz

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