Corn, Triple Play, Sweet

Seven Seeds Farm

$ 4.50


Corn, Triple Play, Sweet (75–85 days)

Zea mays

A nicely stabilized cross of Hooker’s Sweet with the old open pollinated standard Golden Bantam that results in a very pretty bicolor sweet corn with greater ear size than Hooker’s.  With plenty of tillers that can result in 4-5 ears per plant, it tends to shine under hill or clump culture rather than traditional rows. Harvest at milk stage just as some blue is beginning to show in the kernels. Delicious, rich, full flavor with large meaty kernels that burst with real corn flavor, which is sadly lacking in modern super sweets.  Developed by John Sundquist.

* Harvest when the kernels produce a milky white fluid, if it’s clear it’s too early, and if there is no fluid, it’s too late and they’ll be starchy (however good for roasting still).

Packet:  One Ounce

Bulk: Quarter Pound

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