Kale, White Russian

Seven Seeds Farm

$ 4.50


Kale, White Russian  (60 days)

Brassica napus

The most cold hardy kale, also bolts later in the spring than any other kale by 2-3 weeks, which helps to keep the garden on your dinner plate in the lean month of April.  Looks like Red Russian kale, but with white veining and stems.  Developed by Farnk Morton as a cross between Siberian and Red Russian kales.  Generally regarded as the best tasting kale.  We have also noted that this is the latest bolting kale in our fields in the spring, providing food for up to a month longer than curly Vates and Lacinato types.

Packet (1/2 g ≈ 125 seeds)

1 oz (≈8,000 seeds)

1/4 pound (≈32,000 seeds)


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