Garlic, Pyongyang

Feral Farm

$ 18.00

Garlic, Pyongyang

Hardneck - Asiatic Type

Very pretty deep purple striping over white bulb wrappers with bronze to red cloves.  The cloves are tall and elongated and are easy to peel. Produces 4-8 large, easy to peel cloves per bulb. Raw Flavor is spicy and builds to a fiery intensity.  Baking and cooking mellows flavor to a nutty smoothness. The visual appeal, ease of peeling and robust flavor have endeared this variety to many growers who now treasure it as a favorite. 

Asiatic types are a hardneck so they produce scapes that are best clipped off before they elongate for the largest bulbs. The Asiatic type is an Artichoke-sub variety ready to harvest right after the artichoke varieties and longer storing (6 - 8 months) than its purple striped relatives. Named after the capital of North Korea and said to originate from a village just to the North. 


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