Garlic, Siskiyou Purple

Seven Seeds Farm

$ 20.00

Siskiyou Purple Garlic 

We have been growing, selecting and perfecting this beautiful softneck variety for the past 15 years.  This strain originated as 2 similar varieities: Lorz Italian & Applegate Red.  After years of sorting it emerged as something new and unique, deserving a new name! 

This strain is from the Artichoke subgroup of garlic, which possess the general characteristics of a soft flexible neck, purple tint/blush to the outer wrappers and clove wrappers.  Whereas some artichoke types can have up to 30 cloves, our strain usually has 8-15 cloves per bulb.  This means less small inner cloves that are more difficult to deal with in the kitchen!  Of all of our varieties, this is the easiest to grow to large size.  It can attain a diameter of 3 1/2 inches!

Flavor:  Full bodied and more mild than the hardnecks.

Storage abillity:  Siskiyou Purple will easily keep until April or May in a cool dark garage or shed.

Cloves per pound: 45 - or about 5 or 6 heads/pound.

Planting: One pound plants 25 row feet at one clove every 6".


One pound: $20

Five pounds: $90

5 pounds: $80

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