Shallots, French Red

First Rain Farms

$ 13.00

Shallots, French Red

Allium cepa var aggregatum

This is one of the longest storing shallots (up to 1 year!) making it the most common commercially available variety, French Red is a classic "Jersey" style  half long shallot with a bright and spicy flavor and beautiful rosy pink skin with pale purple flesh. Shallots can be planted in fall for overwintering or in early spring. French Red grows 1-2" bulbs at a ratio of about 6 new bulbs per seed shallot that is planted. One pound of shallot seed will plant about 15" at 6" spacing. This variety is hardy zones 2-14 , drought and frost tolerant.

Organically grown.

1/2 lb. $13.00

1 lb. - $25.00

2# - $40.00


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