Garlic, Zemo Mtsara

Siskiyou Seeds

$ 18.00

Zemo Mtsara aka Verchnyava Mcara 

Purple Stripe, Hardneck

Zemo Mtsara is a purple stripe hardneck variety that came to us through Garlic Steward, Avram Drucker at Garlicana. This is this spiciest variety we grow!

White wrappers with vibrant reddish clove coloration and complex flavor characterize this cultivar from Abkhazia. Located NW of the Republic of Georgia.

Zemo Mts’ara is the name of a village on the Upper Mts’ara River where this garlic originally obtained.  “Verkhnaia” is Russian whereas “Zemo” is Georgian for “Upper”.   The Upper Mts’ara drains into the Aapsta River, the mouth of which is at Gudauta on the Black Sea. 

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