Garlic, Kishlyk

Feral Farm

$ 14.00

Garlic available for pre-order 10am PST 8/2/2021

Garlic, Kishlyk

This is a Wild garlic type - similar to a Purple Stripe from Uzbekistan in the center of origin for garlic.  Very handsome purple striped bulbs have 8-12 tall, elongated crescent shaped cloves with a building fiery spicy flavor. The cloves have a bright purple clove wrapper. An exquisitely gorgeous garlic that grows sturdy and vigorous plants.  Remarkably spicy, a little goes a long ways!!!

Thanks to Avram Decker @ Garlicana Farm for introducing us to this amazing variety

Organically grown at Feral Farm.

1/2 pound - $14

1 pound - $26

2 pounds - $50

3 pounds - $75

Make sure to check out out garlic growing tips here:

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